Lucas Cervera

Perfil profesional

  • Startups (Internet, Software, Aceleradora)
  • Profesor (Innovación, Startups, Emprendimiento, IA generativa)
  • Asesor de startups (Modelo de negocio, Diseño y Validación de negocio)

Cofounder of 3 startups and 1 foundation in the internet, software and entrepreneurship fields. Now focused on innovation and the application of artificial intelligence to business

  • (2023), Artificial Intelligence community
  • Plastilinn (2021), business modeling powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • innteresante (2021), communicating innovation in a simple and entertaining way
  • nVotes (2014), secure on-line voting software used by 2+ million voters
  • Sonar Ventures (2011), the first Venture Builder in Spain
  • Iniciador Foundation (2007), ~1000 talks for entrepreneurs organized
  • metoCube (2004), a process documentation software sold worldwide

Professor and advisor

  • Business Design Professor 800 hours of class to 1800 students
  • Startup Advisor / Mentor 2800+ hours of mentoring to 750 entrepreneurs
  • Speaker 120+ talks and workshops with 5000+ attendees
  • Media I have taken part in 100+ events with media (tv, radio, press...)

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